5 Ways To Create A Luxury-Inspired Wedding Day Look

We all want to look glamorous on our special day! Here are a few ways you can add some luxurious touches to your outfit, creating a beautiful look that you will look and feel amazing in, no matter the size of your budget!

A Long, Dramatic Train Or Veil

These are two luxury designer trends that have never gone out of style. Nothing says “designer gown” more than the addition of some dramatic detailing in your outfit.

When adding a train to your gown, be sure to have the fabric matched correctly to ensure the final product looks seamless! To really give it that glamorous finish, consider adding a little extra detail, such as a hint of lace or some crystals.

As for your veil, the simpler the better! Finding a delicate fabric that can also withstand some alterations without damaging should be the goal. If you’re planning to host an outdoor wedding, add a few beads to the veil so that as it flows in the breeze the natural light catches.

Gown: Alin Le’Kal

Beading… Less Is (Sometimes) More!


Poor beadwork can make even the most spectacular dress look cheap and tacky! Luxury designer gowns feature delicate beading that enhances the design rather than being the centre of attention.

It may be a great idea to go for a simply designed dress to begin with and add your chosen beadwork later. Not only will you have control over the pattern but also how much beading! Be sure to talk to a reputable seamstress to ensure the highest quality work.

Professional Alterations Are a Must!

A perfectly fitting gown can look very different to one that is poorly altered or does not fit properly. Opting for someone more experienced (and often a little more expensive) can really make all the difference to your look and take your look to a whole new level.

Not only do you want your dress to hug you in all the right places but also the alterations completed should be undetectable, so make sure you hire someone up to the task!

Gown: Raffaele Ciuca Bridal

Choose Complimenting Jewellery

Gown: Bernadette Pimenta Couture

By simply adding delicate, complimenting pieces of jewellery to your bridal attire, you are able to give off the glamorous, luxurious vibe without having to spend big on your gown or additional detailing. Adding a touch of sparkle with earrings, a bracelet or a necklace can really pull together an entire look.

Ensure you consider how you will be having your hair and the neckline of your dress when choosing your jewellery. For example, if your hair is to be worn down, statement earrings probably won’t be for you. Talk to the store assistant about these things when shopping for your jewellery or a quick scroll through Instagram or Pinterest will inspire you to choose the right piece.

Detail In The Back

Unique backs are very common in luxury designs, by adding an extra element of design to the back of your gown you can really add some beauty you didn’t realise you needed.

It is quite simple really, instead of a zipper opt for lacework or even include buttons and sheer fabric. Alternatively you can create a ‘cut-out’ look in a V or U-shape, the possibilities are endless! Have a flick through any bridal Instagram to be inspired and then enlist the help of your trusted seamstress.

Gown: SIlvana Tedesco

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